Who we are

Jentec is a culmination of 25 years of experience on the front lines in the security and infrastructure disciplines.   We strive to position ourselves as technology advisors to our customers instead of just trying to sell products.

Our offering includes sourcing, designing and implementing of a number of solutions that will enable our customers to do business faster and more securely than before. An in-depth understanding of the principles of security and infrastructure design allows us to analyse the needs of our customers and then advise them on a list of priorities that need to be attended to. Using this list we can then suggest a combination of products and services that will provide the best fit for the specific requirement.

The multi skilled Jentec team ensures that all solutions are delivered on time and within budget by using industry standard methodologies. We are a truly global business with our resources located all in a number of countries in various time zones. This, together with the cloud based nature of our products, enables us to deliver our services in any location, in any time zone without needing to be physically present.